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RE: [IP] ace inhibitors after 5 yrs. IDDM

<snip>  She wasn't comfortable with the possible
side effects on a healthy person.  I have never tested positive for protein
in the urine and do have tests done regularly.  <snip>

I'm 21, dx with diabetes 10/94, started ACE inhibitor 2/97 (so less than
2.5 year post dx), started pump 4/99.  As my internist says, I'm a very
healthy person and will most likely stay that way until I have
complications.  My case was a little different because I only had some
"borderline" factors, but my internist (and I) decided that it would be
best for me to start an ACE inhibitor.  My blood pressure was highish
(especially for being 18).  It was about 137/90.  I also have oethostatic
protienuria (I rarely do first specimines of the morning, and all of my
other ones of the day I test postitive for protien).  My endo was not
bothered by this because I was "young".  (This philosophy bothered me, so I
now have a new endo but those things take time, so I depend on my internist
a lot.  By the time new endo was around, I already was on Vasotec and
nothing was said really)  My internist is the one who insists on 24 hour
urine annually (before ACE inhibitors it was about 8, now it is about 5, so
I'm well in the normal range).  My blood pressure is now 110/70 (sometimes
a little lower).  Part of the decision also came from the fact that my dad
has hypertension and my uncle (mom's side) who has diabetes kidneys are not
doing well (so genes are probably not in my favor).  I will never know if
it "really" helped or was needed, but I still feel that it was the best
choice for me.

As always YMMV

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