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[IP] Somewhat Discouraged.....

I have been pumping since Dec. 7th/99 and recently received my first 
post-pumping HbA1c and Fructosamine. A1C was .071 (norm- .043-.061) and 
Fructosamine was 337 (norm- 205-285). I did stay with higher bgs for first 
month and a half of pumping as I had hypo-unawareness that I was trying to 
gain back. Also, had flu since about 4 days before my test (I was still sick 
when I had it done).
My Dr. has just written to the insurance company (2nd. letter) just to get 
them to cover the infusion sets and other supplies. He was wishing that my 
results were better. I had great A1cs on MDI but with WAY too many lows, 
many with convulsions, especially at night. Since I started pumping, I have 
not had one reaction at night yet, a few highs, but NO Lows. He understands 
this but knows the results will not look that great to the Insurance Co.
This past week or so I have been keeping my bgs on the lower side of normal, 
often dipping below...just to get that magic A1C number. I know that my 
control is much better but am frustrated that my A1C does not reflect that, 
as well as the fructosamine. I had been doing pretty good until I went out 
to dinner Saturday night and had Chinese buffet. I spread my bolus over 2 
hours but 4-5 hours later skyrocketed to over 500! Took about 8 hours to get 
it down but I know it will send those test results out of whack..gggrrrr! I 
have not been that high since first diagnosed over 23 years ago.
Anyway, just felt that I needed to vent. I will just keep plugging....oh, I 
mean pumping away. Hoping to have all the insurance stuff dealt with soon so 
I can get my own pump (using Dr.'s right now) soon and get on with my 
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