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[IP] What symptoms promt testing liver/etc?

charisma wrote:
>  Why did you [RENEE] do this test in the firstplace--for 
> that matter, why do docs/parents push in  the first palce 
>  led you to be conerned besides the general risk?  

well the number one symptom that would prompt ME to ask a doctor for a 
certain test, would be the diagnosis of diabetes.  That, in and of itself, is 
enough to be concerned about your kidneys, your liver, your heart, your feet, 
your eyes, your thyroid....problems with ONE go hand in hand with problems in 
the other....MOST docs wont do aggressive tests like the floureceine, the 24 
hour urine, the liver panel, the thyroid panel in a "young" or "newly 
diagnosed" diabetic, wrongly assuming these problems take "years" to 
progress.  Melissa only had diabetes a few years I believe when she had plus 
2000 protein!!!  It took me almost 18 years to get that far!

It is VITAL that you ask questions and do research.  If your doctor isnt 
doing a test you think you ought to have, discuss it with him.  As an 
example, when Leslie on the list had her angiogram last year, it kinda 
freaked me out cuz we are about the same age, though much too "young" to be 
thinking about heart problems.  So I asked my doctor about it.   He said he 
probably wouldn't recommend a stress test until I was 40, but if I was 
concerned he would set me up.  I said I was just thinking since Leslie wasnt 
40, AND I did have high cholesterol (controlled by mevacor) and then that 
Sergei Krikov, ice skater who just fell over dead from heart disease, and he 
said he would set it up if I wanted.. I asked if he would have suggested it 
if I hadn't asked about it, and he said maybe...So, i dont have time now (TOO 
STRESSED), but i just wanted to know if he THOUGHT it was something I should 
add to my "list."

Liver function is a VITAL test....especially if you ahve hypo unawareness.  
What happens when your bg drops more than 40-50 points is the brain sends a 
signal to the liver to dump in sugars, hormones etc., to keep you alive.  if 
your liver function is impaired, a drop from 300 to 250 is no big deal, but 
one of 100 to 50 might be serious.  As I understand it, the liver can lose 
the ability to respond to the brain's signal...that coulsd be a prblem for 
some people with ypo unawareness.  Liver function can be impaired by LOTS of 
things, not just diabetes, and ought to be tested reguarly I think

so, that is my opinion on we and/or parents ought to push docs for any and 
all tests.  Start capoten BEFORE proteinuria begins, while you are still in 
microalbuminism, and the chances are good you WONT progress any farther, 
according to studies...why wait til kidney function is impaired if taking a 
pill every day can prevent it???

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