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[IP] SLOW Doctors... Just venting!

Hi everyone!

I just had the most ANNOYING experience today!  I got a call from the
trainers office saying they would like to schedule me for next week.  I
think YIPPEE, I actually may be pumping on St. Patty's!!!  So, I call
MiniMed to check on my paperwork and approval and they tell me my doc
has not even sent it in yet!  OK, I don't think I am being unreasonable
when it has been a MONTH since my appt when he promised to take care of
it for me.  I spoke with him 2 wks ago and he said he would get mm the
necessary p/w in a day or 2.  UGHHHHH!

So I called my doc's office AGAIN, and they said they would check on it
and call me back.  (this is 9 am)  Finally no word at 4 pm so I call
again, and they say, let me talk to his nurse and have her call you.  So
I wait till 4:30, no call so I call again.  This time I almost lose it.
Finally I end up leaving a message for the office manager or something
and she is supposed to call me tomorrow.

Did anyone else have this much of a prob with getting their doc on the
ball?  I am about ready to breath fire!!!!!

Thanks for letting me vent!  You guys are so much more understanding
than people who have no clue how important this is!

Hoping, but not too hard to be pumping by St. Patty's Day! =(

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