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Re: [IP] treating highs

> > I was trying to correct to 150, however, I think I will try 
> >  to do to 200 next time
> My CDE explained that when you SLAM your
> body down into your target zone, say going from 345 to 100 - 150 in
> under 2 hours, it sends a "FREAK OUT" message to the liver. 

there is another way that is both fast and can cancel the above 
message to the liver. Bolus for hbg + meal -- when bg's hit 150 -180, 
eat. You can bring a stubborn high down muy pronto and stop the 
decline in it's tracks with a few minutes. The higher the starting 
numbers, the higher the start-eating number. YMMV on this technique, 
of course, but it rarely takes Lily more than 30 - 45 minutes to get 
down from a high using this method.
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