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[IP] New Pumper

I'm Cara, mom to Hayley dx'd at 4 and now 5 1/2 and ready to pump.  I've been 
lurking on this list for a couple of weeks now trying to find out everything 
I could about pumping because Hayley was in the process of trying to get 
insurance approval for pump.  I wanted to share our good news today that 
Hayley was approved and will get her MM508 on Monday.  We're all very 
excited, but also have a lot of questions now that the pump is going to be a 
     I've already read Pumping Insulin but was wondering if there were any 
others I should read before starting(She uses Humalog and no info about 
pumping with humalog in that book)?
     Also wondering what infusion sets might work best for her?  Hayley is 5 
and very thin and extremely active.(Gymnastics, Dance ect.)   Also along the 
same line, what would be the best device for her to wear the pump with?  She 
doesn't usually wear anything with pockets or belts(likes to wear dresses all 
the time)
     The last thing I wanted to share is the fact that our insurance is 
Tricare Prime, and much to the surprise of everyone we had no hassel from 
them, they approved Hayley in only 2 weeks and are paying 85%!!!!  There is 
hope for all on Tricare.   I was also happy to find out that MM is going to 
let us make monthly payments of about $100 for our portion of the pump cost 
and without any interest.
     Thanks to all for all the great info on this list, it has been 
tremendously helpful!!!
Cara (mom to Hayley-a soon to be pumper)
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