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[IP] About Camp

I just have to tell you how much I loved diabetic camp.  I went to Bearskin 
Meadow, in California.  The first time I went was shortly after I was 
diagnosed, 10 years old.  The next year I went to Girl Scout Camp.  I hated 
it.  I couldn't eat half the food, pre-pump, over 20 years ago, the 
activities weren't nearly as fun, I couldn't wait to go home.  I went to 
diabetic camp every year after that, I was finally the normal one!  Every 
body had shots, was on a diet, and tested.  If I was low, there was no need 
to explain, everyone knew what to do.  There was a lot of diabetic education 
there too, learning how to give shots, nutrition, all the diabetic stuff!  
When my sister was old enough, she went as a counselor in training, you could 
do that as a non-diabetic.  She loved it too and she said it taught her a lot 
about diabetes.  The other plus is it's someplace he can go that you won't 
have to worry about him and if someone there knows what to do in any given 
situation.  I'm not sure where you live but I know B-M has grants or what 
ever you call them and I heard that they never turn anyone away because they 
can't afford it.  SEND PADDY TO CAMP!!!!!   Congratulations on the pump 
coming too, I'm so excited for you both!

Type I, 25yrs. Changed my life in Dec. 1999!!!
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