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[IP] Hats off to parents....

"This list seems to have degenerated to a bunch of groveling parents
talking about how hard it is to deal with their childrens diabetes.

I'd like to see a bit more talk about problems with diabetes care and
problems pertaining to it from DIABETICS. No offense, but to the
non-diabetic, you guys have no idea ;)"

After this posting above, I just wanted to say as a Type 1 diabetic for 23 
years (from age 19) that I take my hat off to all the parents of diabetic 
children out there. I have learned so much from EVERYONE'S postings.
You parents are your child's advocate and everything you do for them is 
important on this list. This is an Insulin Pumper's list and if you have a 
child pumping or thinking of pumping you need the info here just as much as 
any of us. How can you be your child's advocate if you do not have the 
opportunity to communicate with adults who are pumping and can discuss 
things at an adult level as they pertain to your child? Yes, I understand 
that some aspects of pumping are different with children but often as 
adults, the solutions can be applied to aspects of our pumping problems too.
Parents have absolutely very much of an idea of what diabetes is about. My 
parents were 100% supportive of me and willing to learn all they could to 
help me out. This helped me get on the road to good control (the best I 
could get from MDI) from day one.
As a parent of 5 children (none diabetic so far!) I have much admiration of 
all the parents out there doing SO much for their kids that are pumping. I 
value your input to the IP list as much as the input from diabetic pumpers.
I agree 100% with Barb's posting and hope the person that made the original 
insensitive comment will apologize. I do not want to fan the fire but I do 
want parents to know how great they are!!!! :o)
Carolyn Green
-normally a pretty quiet person :o)
(sorry this is so long)
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