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[IP] treating highs

susan wrote:
>  I loved your suggestions!  They will definately be tried next time.  

yeah but don't flame me if they don't work!!!  LOL!!

> I was trying to correct to 150, however, I think I will try 
>  to do to 200 next time

although i rarely agree with anything a medical profesisonal tells me and 
generally take all suggestions with a spoon of salt, this idea did stick with 
me.  My CDE explained that when you SLAM your body down into your target 
zone, say going from 345 to 100 - 150 in under 2 hours, it sends a "FREAK 
OUT" message to the liver.  The "normal" person will only have fluctuations 
in their blood sugar of about 40-50 points.  A drop of 100 points means 
EEEEEEKKKKK I AM STARVING!!!!!  The brain tells the liver to dump all those 
counter regulatory hormones including glycagen, growth hormone, adrenaline, 
cortisol...all of which RAISE the blood sugar....if a NORMAL person's bs 
dropped 100 points, they would be in the 20-30s...and the brain KNOWS that is 
not a good thing.

SO - while our pancreas may not make insulin, our brain STILL interprets that 
HUGE drop as something to panic about and hopefully our liver function is 
still in tact, so the hormones get dumped (liver function is a GOOD thing 
sometimes...) and thus the roller coaster ride.  My CDE recommends not 
dropping faster than about 50 points every couple of hours....one unit of 
velosulin drops me about 60 points, and 1 unit of Humalog drops me about 
75...I see a 346 on my meter and I want to take FOUR UNITS NOW!!!!!!! but I 
try to be sane....and rationale, but it SUCKS if you are waiting to eat or go 
to bed or go BACK to bed, if the 345 is at 3:46 am on a school night.

Since i,  like most people, don't have time or patience, like that, i don't 
wait, but i DO see the logic.  you slam your body down 200 points in an hour 
with Humalog, and then you rebound even higher cuz your body dumps in all 
that stuff, then you try to slam it down again....boing boing boing

>I probably would have put off 
>  eating, except it was 8:15 anyway!  

maybe next time, go ahead and let her eat some high protein, just so she 
can't say "Mom, I am STARRRRVINGGGG!!!!"  maybe some scarmbled eggs with 
cheese, tuna fish, a finger scoop of peanut butter or something...they wont 
have too much of an immediate affect on the bg.

> But I loved your suggestions for waiting!

I need to take freecell off my computer...

>  I don"t really want to see those 
>  numbers again, but being that she is very athletic 
> this will probably happen again soon

yes it WILL - that is the only thing about diabetes you can be sure 
of...everytime you THINK you have something figured out, it will throw a pie 
in your face...how many carbs is in THAT???  do we have to bolus for pie ON 
our face or only if it gets in.  

Anyway, just remember...practice practice practice....sadly it doesn't always 
make perfect, and it probably won't even get you to Carnegie hall.

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