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[IP] fracture question

sorry to hear about your foot - that sucks rotten eggs!!  hope there is no 
snow or ice on the ground where you are...LOTS of fun when you are on 
crutches (not)

>  My question is, what should I expect with bgs, 

well in my VAST experience of being a klutz, it depends...are you taking any 
pain killers?  some will have a bg raising affect, some will have a lowering 
affect.  Also remember you are probably gonna be a LOT less active...no 
tennis or rock climbing for a while, and where you might have walked a few 
days ago, now you will drive...so less activity MAY mean you have to adjust 
your basals.  Since you are gonna be sitting around watching TV and writing 
in your journal, or playing freecell on the computer, will you be more apt to 
absent mindedly snack??  will you have to watch your basals?? 

I don't think a broken bone will make the bg go up like an infection, though 
it might, the body IS healing, but I think external things will have more of 
an influence...

Heal fast!
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