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[IP] Arnold, CA clinics

ok,  I just got a delightful e-mail back from one of the girl scout camp
administrators in response to my questions about staffing  (specifically MD
or nurse) at the camp to which geneva wants to attend this summer in the
sierras of CA. this is a regular camp,  not diabetes.

I am sharing this with you because it really assuaged some fears on my part
and indeed is making this decision to send geneva to a regular camp much
I do have a question re: the clinics that she mentions in Arnold.

Does anyone on this list happen to know if there is a pump- knowlegeable
endo/MD in this town?  I know that Arnold is really small,  but perhaps
there is a minute chance that I can make a connection for geneva in advance.


here is the letter from the girl scout administrator:

>Dear Ruth,

We are in the processing of hiring staff for Camp Sugar Pine at this time.
do plan to hire an RN on the staff or at the very least an EMT.   We have
2 wonderful clinics in Arnold that service us during the summer.  The
rescue squad is a 10 minute response time from the camp.

What we would do - is alert our camp doctors that we have special campers
(we sometimes send the health forms to them ahead of time - just so they
have details when we call) and what sessions they are attending -  then
have all persons responsibile for health care services meet with the camp
doctors and be trained in the use of pumps, reactions, signs symptoms,
etc.  Our camp health supervisor would also be in contact with you before
camp to learn what your daughter specials needs are, what her reactions
to situations are,what signs does she exhibit that would give staff
signals to possible trouble, etc.

We would also ask you for some specifics on what snacks she would need to
always have available on her person as well as in camp.  What would be
the contents of a typical meal, etc.

I can tell you that we have had diabetic campers (on insulin) at the camp
and have had no problems.  We did have a diabetic camper at one of our
other camps that was on a pump, and she did fine, we were probably more
nervous than she was.

I hope this has helped to answer your questions.


Joan W Fincutter
Outdoor Program Administrator
Girl Scouts of San Francisco Bay Area<

GREAT letter, yes?

mom to soon to be girl scout camper , geneva, pumping since last summer.

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