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Re: [IP] What symptoms prompt testing liver/etc?

    Our situation was fairly unique: Melissa was "shedding" protein even 
years prior to dx at age 9, but it had been labelled "benign orthostatic 
proteinuria"....at age 12, (3 yrs post dx) the hospital did a urine screening 
( for all prepubertal diabetic pts.) & she already had 300 mgs. Although 
adult nephrologists & cardiologists whom I knew felt she should start the 
meds, the ped docs were ultra-conservative & thought there was no need. 
Within less than 2 yrs, it jumped to 500, then 1200, then 1500...and after a 
trial run of a different med for 2 wks...when they re-checked her OFF the 
meds, it skyrocketed to 2600. The supposition: she had a natural tendency to 
"leak protein" which was being rapidly exacerbated by the diabetes...and mind 
you during all of this, her A1C had been in the low 7s until just before she 
got her pump 3/15/96; was 8.8 pre-pump & went down to 6.8 post-pump, so we're 
not talking poor control here....
    My "mission" is simply one of AWARENESS- she was completely Asymptomatic, 
which caused the ped nephro to order a kidney biopsy in November '97 ( done 3 
wks before my own diagnosis of breast cancer) to rule out something else 
going on in the kidneys. Fortunately, all it showed were very very early 
changes consistent with diabetic effects. The "game plan" is to have another 
kidney biopsy done in another 2 1/2 years, and to monitor her with annual 24 
hr urine tests- next one to be done in a month....
   My apologies to those on the list who already heard Melissa's "saga"...I  
may be "just a non-diabetic parent" to some of you, but I have not been 
spared the ravages of life with diabetes...My first cousin ( a pulmonologist) 
died 2 yrs ago at age 51, leaving his 2 sons orphaned...long story.....but it 
helps motivate my "crusade" to reach, teach & preach!!!!

Regards, Renee
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