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[IP] Learning a lot

Now that we are back on topic, I wanted to express my thanks to everyone on the
list and the administrators.

I started pumping 11/99 and 6 weeks later moved to another state.  I had a great
doc and CDE before moving.  Now I am on my own to learn about this piece of
equipment.  My new doc knows nothing about the pump and my new endo does not
seem to interested.

I read the "Pumping Insulin" book in two days and started using the graphs.
 I think they helped my new doc get the whole pic of my readings.  I also learned
that "I" can change my basal/bosul without being afraid of crashing.  I don't
think that given my new situation I would have been able to do this without
your help, even though I have only been "lurking" in the background.

Thank you for all your Q's & A's, I have learned a great deal from all of you!!

d'xd 1/82, p'ing 11/99

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