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Re: [IP] ace inhibitors after 5 yrs. IDDM

In a message dated 3/8/00 11:47:21 AM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<<  I mentioned to
 her that people on this list had suggested talking ace inhibitors, and she
 said that was much to aggressive.  She wasn't comfortable with the possible
 side effects on a healthy person.  I have never tested positive for protein 
   good point...someone asked Dr. Mark Cooper, renowned Australian 
nephrologist/researcher that very question at the JDF conference in San 
Francisco last year & his reply was that he personally wouldn't advocate it 
because statistically 40% of diabetics will develop kidney complications, 
which means the other 60% would be taking the medication needlessly. HOWEVER, 
he did advocate the annual screening so that at the earliest sign of protein, 
therapeutic intervention could begin. The shift in treatment modalities means 
that whereas the old "oh nothing happens for 15-20 years" approach meant that 
by the 15-20 yr mark the kidneys were functioning at a sufficiently reduced 
percentage as to provoke discernible symptoms & the need for a 
specialist.....nowadays, they can hopefully stave off, or at a minimum, 
retard that progression IN THOSE SO PREDISPOSED!

Regards, Renee ( who spent 8 hours straight researching kidneys, dialysis & 
transplants when they told me my then 14 yr old (only diabetic 4 yrs) had 
excreted 2600 mgs of protein in 24 hrs!!!!!!.....the ACE inhibitors took it 
back down to 300...'nuf said)
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