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Re: [IP] ace inhibitors after 5 yrs. IDDM

   Absolutely discuss it....this is one of my personal "soap boxes" because 
Melissa is unfortunately one of the "chosen ones" whose kidneys were leaking 
MASSIVE amounts of protein early on. Statistically, the odds are very high 
that your child will NOT be spilling protein, BUT, the good news is that by 
doing a 24 hr urine ( and I always stress the 24 hr because Melissa's first 
morning specimen was NORMAL!!), IF a problem is detected, then medication can 
be started & the ACE inhibitors have been shown to be astonishingly 
beneficial - for kidneys, and now for eye & heart microvascular concerns too. 
I've had top researchers tell me they believe the use of ACE inhibitors alone 
will change the course of future diabetic complications' statistics....I've 
also had Melissa's ped nephrologist tell me that had we not intervened, she'd 
have been on dialysis within 5 yrs ( and she's been on the meds since she was 
14). As the head of ped nephro, this doc has made it her personal mission to 
screen ALL kids with diabetes at her hospital & within a year, she found 5 
others in need of the meds!
   Sadly, diabetes updates are evolving faster than beleaguered docs can keep 
up with & I've had parents write me to say their doc refused to do the test. 
I've told them that it's worth it for their peace of mind to do an annual 
screening. I know parents whose kids are also on ACE inhibitors, but I don't 
personally know anyone whose young children/teens have had eye problems...and 
yet we all faithfully schedule an annual eye exam......

Regards, Renee 
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