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RE: [IP] ace inhibitors after 5 yrs. IDDM

>Make sure you have a doc that is
> aware and up on all the latest in heart disease in women, esp. women 
>with diabetes. the standard of care now is after 5 years on IDDM you go >on
an ace inhibitor to protect heart and kidneys

Ok first, I have hypothyroidism and my TSH levels are normal on the current
level of synthroid I take.

Second, the doctor did mention putting me on a cholesterol reducing drug but
wanted to research on the side effects since I am only 23 and may want to
get pregnant within the next 5 years.  She wanted to know more before she
wrote the prescription.  We will talk about it when I go back in 8 weeks.

Third, the ace inhibitor may be a standard in your doctors office but it is
not a standard for everyone.  My doctor just moved out to my area to open a
Joslin Satellite, but had been working for Joslin in Boston.  I mentioned to
her that people on this list had suggested talking ace inhibitors, and she
said that was much to aggressive.  She wasn't comfortable with the possible
side effects on a healthy person.  I have never tested positive for protein
in the urine and do have tests done regularly.  FYI I have been IDDM I for
19years 7 months 2 days and counting.

-- Sherry
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