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Re: [IP] eye doc visit

>Laura wrote:
>>  pictures go straight to the computer and she can view them immediately!
>and Erinn said she had to wait 7-10 daus for the results. 
and Sara said:
>I had flourecine tests done in the mid 80s and Dr. Jackson in Denver had >almost INSTANT photographs.  Have things regressed now that you have to WAIT >for results?  UGHHH - i hate waiting.  

I wonder if this has something to do with the area where people live.
When we lived in our small home town, doctors had never even done such a
test on Shane. (health care in general was not too good there). When we
moved to Ames, a slightly bigger town, the eye doctor was new to the
area too, and we had to wait about 7 days for results. But now that she
has been here a while, she has convinced the clinic that they need (and
can afford equipment for) instant photos, especially in order to compete
with the larger places in Des Moines and Iowa City.  Since your
experiences are in Denver and New York, MUCH bigger cites, perhaps the
instant photo equipment is more standard there? Similarly, the clinic in
our home town had almost no lab facilities, many blood tests had to be
sent out and you had to wait for results. Here in Ames we have a lab
that can process almost all tests in just a few hours.
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