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Re: [IP] off-topic / Parents / Diabetes???

At 07:17 AM 3/8/00 Steve Lazarus wrote:
 >I do find the off-topic postings a bit annoying, but I
 >do believe it is the WEBMASTER'S job to vett this
 >mailing, which, in the cell-phone case, was

Just so that you understand how this list works... this is not a moderated 
list and no messages are censored or removed before they are posted. The 
"webmasters" consist of about a dozen volunteers who have jobs and other 
concerns in their lives, as well as the Insulin Pumpers list. We do the 
best that we can without trying to be too intrusive. If a topic gets out of 
hand we will write the parties involved privately and ask them to cease and 
desist. If anyone gets very abusive and uncooperative we can remove them 
from membership... fortunately this is rare.

We do have rules. Please see 
http://www.insulin-pumpers.org/netiquette.shtml for more information.

(One of the admins)

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