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[IP] off-topic / Parents / Diabetes???

Hi all
Being the first diabetic child of the parents of two
diabetic children gives me tremendous perspective, and
not a little compassion for the parents.  No, I'm not
a parent of diabetics, but that shouldn't stop me from
understanding their predicament.  Parents of diabetic
children have the same concerns, probably more, than
adult diabetics.  Nevermind the emotional issues. 
Children go through growing up stages, with the
volatile bodily and chemical changes.  Those effects
alone drive the parents crazy; now throw in the
diabetes, and the exigencies of the pump, and you have
a mix that can be at turns scary, frustrating, and
confidence building for the parents and children as
well.  So, I suggest we  accept each other as part of
this crazy family (what family isn't crazy?) and try
to be civil and compassionate in our tone.

Being a diabetic gives me compassion for those who are
diabetic, and those who have problems, smaller or
larger.  I see homeless people, I see wheelchair
bound, I see people with all kinds of situations, and
it tugs at my heart.  Of course, being a diabetic
sucks, but I can't change that can I? 

I do find the off-topic postings a bit annoying, but I
do believe it is the WEBMASTER'S job to vett this
mailing, which, in the cell-phone case, was
I hope we can keep to the topic of the site, which is
Insulin Pumping.  And that's for Children, Parents,
Unattached, and otherwise Unaffiliated members of our
clan of diabetic pumpers.


Steve Lazarus

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