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Re: [IP] a question about cholesterol

Sherry Webb Nolan wrote:

> Now for the question...how many people here have problems with high
> cholesterol and how did they get it down?  

Well, I've been told by both my endo and my cardio that high BGs and
hypothyroidism cause high cholesterol, and I've observed a lot of people
comment that their cholesterol numbers have come down when they've
conscientiously limited their intake of refined carbs. That is, bread,
pasta, rice and potatoes. On the other hand, they're trying to eat more
veggies -- more fiber, and lots of nutrition to be had in veggies. Just
not so many calories or so much glucose!

How much limitation is a YMMV matter -- some are very strict
Bernsteinians (30g carbs a day), but others just limit each meal to 30g
or so. 

This makes sense to me because refined carbs are the hardest to match to
insulin -- and the resulting high BGs, even if temporary, are still
going to have an effect on cholesterol. 

In my own case, I have too many food issues to be able to easily give up
refined carbs, so I elected to use cholesterol-lowering medication. I'm
on Lipitor. 

For me, it was a combination of factors: getting my BG under control,
yes, but also getting on the proper dose of thyroid medication, going on
female hormones (I don't think I've ever had normal female hormones --
never had regular periods until I started taking hormones!), and
finally, the Lipitor. I have had exactly NO side effects from the statin

My latest cholesterol was 182, of which 64 of it was HDL and 78 LDL.
That's down from 325 when I was diagnosed with DM 8 years ago.
Significant decline!!!

I think it would be worth talking to your doc about the cholesterol, and
whether taking a med might not be a good idea. You might have high
cholesterol because of a hereditary tendency -- if that's the case, I
think it's worth working on it, even if there are no guarantees!!!
Diabetics are definitely at risk of coronary artery disease, and should
be treated aggressively!

Good luck!

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