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Re: [IP] 1st A1C Since Pump Start..and a question

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email @ redacted writes:

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Hi Sherry,

My name is Kindra and I am 42 and have been IDDM for almost 25 years.  I'm 
most fortunate that I don't have any major complications.  My doc put me on 
Lipitor with only 1 abnormal  lipid panel.  Make sure you have a doc that is 
aware and up on all the latest in heart disease in women, esp. women with 
diabetes.  My chol. now runs around 160.  I am also on Cozar which is an ace 
inhibitor used to treat high blood pressure.  I don't have high blood 
pressure, but  the standard of care now is after 5 years on IDDM you go on an 
ace inhibitor to protect heart and kidneys.  Just my input. Sounds like you 
are working very hard to stay on top of things.

Stay well,
R/Kindra    on shots since 1975, pump since 9/27/99
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