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[IP] Bllod type specific diet? St Johns Wort caution

<snip>about those elevated cholesterol levels--  I don't know if it really
made the difference...after two years of bad cholesterol readings, I
started eating a handful of nuts, roasted unsalted almonds or peanuts<snip>
I hae just finished reading a book that I found amusing, intriguing, and
confusing.  Anyone else read "EAT RIGHT FOR YOUR TYPE?"  They are referring
to blood type.  So people with B+ or - eat certain foods.but not others,
while O eat some/not some.
I found the author's reasoning to be interesting but not proven in a way I
could swallow.  However, it did seem to read accurately for my and my son's
experiences so far with what hurts/makes us feel rotten etc.
So when she mentioned nuts--this book says B's should not eat peanut butter,
but almond butter.  This is a trillion dollars at local health food
stores,but if it would help him, I would be willing to do it andsee if his
cholesterol came down.(203, 192, 250 recent numbers)

<snip>beginning to take St. John's Wort <snip>
I am glad this worked for you.  I did want to drop a line here for folks who
may not know.  My sister in law, and about eleven other people I know have
tried  St John's Wort.  Teo of them, including sis in law had very severe
reactions to it, and became quite ill.  The others had either much
improvment or none, but no difficulties. Apparently it is recommended you
check with your doc before you begin this, even though it is over the

Charisma :)

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