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[IP] Ultralente questions

Not on pump yet obviously, but doc tryng to get him more regulated in the
(We are going to be using straight H by the way so ANY ideas per that would
be most welcome,  personaly or  on list.  And ytes, I know I could probably
finds a lot of answers on the archives, but I have low-vision and it is
difficult to scan and search through hoards of details so I 'd appreciate
fresh email if anyone has the time)

my questions i, today we willbe using the ultralente for the first time--6U
at Brk.  Doc has us treating every meal and snack with H for now and 5N at
My concern to day is the  playdate...any ideas how this might effect him .
If I dose H to cover carbs/6U  at 8:30-9:30(whenver breakfast turns out to
be) and then he has a 3pm playate which usually runs his blood sugar either
WAAAAAAAAy low or WAAAAAAY high----

What changes can I expect today?

Just want him to feel his best, cause this is the only playdate this
week(both families busy), and it would be a bummer if I over or
undercorrected for it.


Charisma :)
P.S.  The lack of sleep hit like a ton of bricks this week.  I have actually
had to put a post it note on the clock now, cause the alarm goes off and I
sit there like a doofus wondering why ---post it note-"TEST PADDY"  made all
the difference!   LOL

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