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[IP] Re: IP V3 #991 Authorization & cholesterol

Just wanted to chime in with the other folks who've gotten the good news
that their pumps are in the mail.  My daughter's will arrive on Thursday!!!
At 5, she's the youngest pumper our SC state BCBS plan has ever covered,
and at first we thought we'd have to fight to get her request authorized,
but our doctor must have faxed the case worker some magic words because two
hours after we were denied and told to send more information, the case
worker changed her mind and emphatically agreed that Annie deserves the
pump.  Whew!  Now if we can just schedule our training for over Clemson
University's spring break this month, we'll be on our way to getting our
life back.

And about those elevated cholesterol levels--  I don't know if it really
made the difference, but after two years of bad cholesterol readings, I
started eating a handful of nuts, roasted unsalted almonds or peanuts,
every day (read somewhere that this was a good idea).  And within 3 months
of adding the nuts to my daily diet, my levels are all well within the
normal ranges again.

The nuts regimen coincided with my beginning to take St. John's Wort for my
parental depression over Annie's diagnosis, so maybe the improvement had
more to do with handling stress and despair better.  But thought I'd make
the suggestion for whatever it's worth...

Take care,

Annie's mama, Charlotte
(five-year-old, dx'd at 3 and a half, Xmas 97)

"Life doesn't have to be perfect to be wonderful!"

email @ redacted
325 Clemson St.
Clemson, SC 29631

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