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[IP] Re: Watch your statements, don't assume

> I am a diabetic child of a worrying mother. In 1961 at the age of
> seven I was diagnosed IDDM. All my life was spent with her overly
> concerned with my well being. Don't do this, don't do that, be
> careful, watch out.......... If you practice it all their childhood
> will you be able to stop later? Ask my psychiatrist and therapist.
> Jim

	I would be very careful here.  Just because your parents were like
that, doesn't mean all of us are.  My child is an active participant, at
age 5, but she doesn't understand everything.  From the 1st day of
diagnosis, I have never done anything with my daughter's care that I
didn't discuss with her first, AND let her help make the decisions.  My
daughter does her own testing, including writing her totals in the log
book... and she is an active participant in meal selections.
	She decides when the insulin is injected, and if she gets a pump (I
hope, we are still working on it because SHE wants to get one), she will
decide where the site will go.  I will always let her make these
decisions, but at age 5, I will guide her and give her suggestions until
she is able to understand everything and make those decisions for
herself.  My daughter tells me what she can and can't have.
	I will let my daughter live as independently as she wants, while I keep
a mindful eye on her.  I will, however, ALWAYS worry about her.  I will
worry about more than I will worry about my son, because like all of
you, I KNOW WHAT THIS DISEASE CAN DO TO A PERSON.  I see what everyone
goes through, I do get it.  I am ONLY hypoglycemic, so yah, maybe I
don't understand what it is like to live with IDDM.  But I do know what
my daughter is capable of, and what her limitations are.  I will always
give her the support she needs, I will always love her and take care of
her, and I will always worry about her.  That is my job: I am her
	Please do not assume that all parents are like yours... you know what
they say about people that assume... Thank you for you time.

 A Mom that cares enough to worry about and love her daughter

Carrie, mom to Caitlyn, dx'd 20 months, 5 Y.O.
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