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[IP] camp responses

Thanks for the responses all--
The camp here, as I understqand it, doesnot allowhim to come until next
year without a fmaily, and that is ok.  I just HATE camping! LOL

I want him to get one year in with family though before he goes next
year alone is he chooses to.

He is allowed to ask a friendor sibling nad he has a frined in
mind..we'll see.

But I hear it is a great relief to have someone else take care of him
during the day when parents and kids are seperated!

Charisma :)

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> >--camp.  He has never been, I HATE camping--what do I
> > expect there?
> depends on the kid.  some kids hate it...some can't handle being away from
> home.
> geneva went to a regular all night camp the summer after her april dx at age
> 7.  she was with older brother, whom she only saw at mealtime and ignored.
> this camp was half hour from home.  we never heard a peep from the nurse,
> who was given a week's worth of preloaded syringes and instructions about
> lows. geneva got her shot when the other kids took their ritalin.
> then came bearskin meadows.  she has gone three times now and loves it.  the
> only reason that she will be attending girl scout camp this summer is that
> her best friend wants to go to camp  (her first time) and geneva offered.
> this will be first regular camp since pumping.
> I highly recommend diabetes camp as the kids come back doing more self-care
> than prior.  one little friend of geneva's,  who went on pump at same time
> last summer,  would not use the sofsets without emla.  she came home from
> camp using NOTHING.  (peer pressure can be a good thing sometimes).
> at bearskin meadows, there were a large group of pumpers both as counselors
> and campers.  this helped geneva alot.  I am sure that each year the pumper
> camp census will grow, as this list does.
> not only can the kids benefit...but BOY do my husband and I!!!  we always
> head off to the hills, so to speak.  it is such a relief to have your child
> in such great care.
>  there are some pitfalls,  the first day is filled with some lows. (from
> activity and excitement) but they decrease basals/injection doses,  check
> blood constantly and at midnight.  they keep fastidious records which are
> reviewed the following day by the MD and staff.  adjustments are made.  the
> pumpers are grouped together if possible.
> geneva attended camp on day 8 of her pump being installed.  boy was that a
> mess.  I had her basals completely screwed up, as one could imagine.
> but..she came through just fine.
> if your child is somewhat outgoing and is socially adept...AND agrees to go
> to camp , then I say go for it.  most diabetes camps have  'family camps',
> but we opted to send geneva to the regular sessions.  some kids need family
> around for support.
> get your application in as soon as you can.  the slots fill quickly.
> ruth
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