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[IP] camp/ charisma

>--camp.  He has never been, I HATE camping--what do I
> expect there?

depends on the kid.  some kids hate it...some can't handle being away from
geneva went to a regular all night camp the summer after her april dx at age
7.  she was with older brother, whom she only saw at mealtime and ignored.
this camp was half hour from home.  we never heard a peep from the nurse,
who was given a week's worth of preloaded syringes and instructions about
lows. geneva got her shot when the other kids took their ritalin.

then came bearskin meadows.  she has gone three times now and loves it.  the
only reason that she will be attending girl scout camp this summer is that
her best friend wants to go to camp  (her first time) and geneva offered.
this will be first regular camp since pumping.

I highly recommend diabetes camp as the kids come back doing more self-care
than prior.  one little friend of geneva's,  who went on pump at same time
last summer,  would not use the sofsets without emla.  she came home from
camp using NOTHING.  (peer pressure can be a good thing sometimes).
at bearskin meadows, there were a large group of pumpers both as counselors
and campers.  this helped geneva alot.  I am sure that each year the pumper
camp census will grow, as this list does.

not only can the kids benefit...but BOY do my husband and I!!!  we always
head off to the hills, so to speak.  it is such a relief to have your child
in such great care.

 there are some pitfalls,  the first day is filled with some lows. (from
activity and excitement) but they decrease basals/injection doses,  check
blood constantly and at midnight.  they keep fastidious records which are
reviewed the following day by the MD and staff.  adjustments are made.  the
pumpers are grouped together if possible.

geneva attended camp on day 8 of her pump being installed.  boy was that a
mess.  I had her basals completely screwed up, as one could imagine.
but..she came through just fine.

if your child is somewhat outgoing and is socially adept...AND agrees to go
to camp , then I say go for it.  most diabetes camps have  'family camps',
but we opted to send geneva to the regular sessions.  some kids need family
around for support.

get your application in as soon as you can.  the slots fill quickly.


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