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[IP] Anyone interested in trading supplies?

Hi everyone...I have decided to switch from Soft Sets to Sils, I like the 
Sils SOOO much better!  I am trading my two unused boxes of Softsets with 
Minimed for two boxes of Sils, but I have about 6 or 7 unused sets from the 
box I'm using now.  I do not want to use them, so if anyone has Sils that 
you do not want, and you would like to trade, please email me and let me 
know.  The sets I have are the Softset QRs, 24 inches in length of tubing.  
I also have 80 of the IV-3000 tape left over that I don't want.  If anyone 
would like to buy it off of me, that would be great too.  I hate to be such 
a cheapskate, asking someone to buy it off me instead of me just giving it 
away, but I am the typical dirt-poor college student, and I currently have 
collection agencies and lawyers calling me every day for money I owe them 
for bills, so I figure that instead of paying $50 the entire box of 100, 
someone could give me $20 for 80, and we'd both be making out!  You'd be 
paying 25 cents per piece of tape instead of 50 cents, and I'd be able to 
pay a bill so the jerks will be off my back for a little while, anyway! :)

Anyone who's interested, please let me know!  Email me privately.  Kelly
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