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Re: [IP] Watch the Off Topic Postings....Offended PUMPER

Hi everyone...just wanted to give my two cents worth...I am not the parent 
of a pumper so I have no idea what it's like to worry about your kids the 
way you do.  I am not even a parent, so I can't imagine it at all.  However, 
I have been diabetic for 17 yrs, since age 5.  I see all these parents 
writing about how offended they are, and I just wanted you to know that as a 
pumper, I was COMPLETELY offended for you!! :)  I thought that the statement 
about "grovelling parents" was completely uncalled for, and let's just say 
it's a good thing I don't know the author of that unbelievably stupid 
comment, because he'd get quite a piece of my mind!  Regardless of whether 
we are pumpers or parents of pumpers, I just wanted to "remind" everybody 
that we are all on the same side here!  We are here to help each other out!  
I am not a parent, like I said, but I was so offended by what he said, that 
I can't even IMAGINE how I would feel about it if I WAS a parent!!  
PLEASE....if you have questions, no matter how big or small, we should all 
be able to ask them without being criticized!!  Have a good night 
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