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[IP] Type 1 or 2? help

I sure hope someone can help me with this. A family friend, age 37, was told
he was type 2 several years ago. He had taken small doses of insulin off and
on for awhile. Well today after watching him eat 3 cupcakes and a regular
soda, after about 30 minutes I insisted on testing his BS. It was already up
to 360. He then told me that when he was first diagnosed, his BS was over
1000! He has lost probably 75 lbs over the last several years.
I have always thought that he was probably type 1. So, is it possible for him
to be a type 2 and have these extremely high BS's? His Dad has DM also,  not
for sure which type, but at the present he is in kidney failure, has a
catheter in him for it also. I would hate to see him keep walking around with
these BS. He said he has an appt this week with his family Dr. I told him he
should ask to see an Endo or Internist. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
Thanks for any answers, Denise

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