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[IP] Re: Mom

Brooke wrote:
Sally writes:

I can understand your Mom's resistance on trying something "new."  I don't 
know if she'd consider me an "old-timer" or not.<wink>  I was on shots for 35 
years (since I was 20 months old) before going on the pump. I was very 
resistant and didn't like the idea of being hooked up to something 24/7.  
Carb counting is my hardest adjustment -- so different from the exchange 
system and I continually switch back and forth, but I am determined to learn 
this (to make pump life easier) and to give me the "freedom" I've NEVER had.  
Sounds like you've already tried to convince her by your experience, so why 
would someone listen to a complete stranger like me? I can just tell you how 
I  <bold font> feel. And I feel SOOOOOOO much better now.  The dramatic BG 
swings are no fun and with 2 ER visits already this year she's probably in 
for more (unfortunately).  The pump is worth the "change" for me because I 
don't have the dramatic swings anymore.  I still have a little trouble 
detecting when I am low, but the lows and highs are easier to "fix."
I think another way to look at it is we have so many things going against us:
 1. heart disease
 2. high blood pressure
 3. retinopathy
 4. kidney failure
 5. neuropathy, etc., etc.
What would it hurt if I try one GOOD thing > tightening control of BG's with 
the pump to prevent or slow down all the things above that are "against" us?
Just my thoughts . . . I hope you can persuade her to give it a try.  Maybe 
she could get a loaner to experiment with.

Sally =o)
IDDM for 35 of my 37 years
Assimilated : 7 December 1999
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