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[IP] Dawn's question - supplies to start pumping

Hi Dawn,
Good luck on getting started with the pump.  It seems that you run through a
lot more supplies at first, because it just takes time to learn how to put
in an infusion site, and you mess a few up....  and when you're sugar is
high, if you're not sure if it's from a bad site, you end up changing more
of them before 3 days are up.  So, I'd figure about one Tender every other
day, or about 15 a month, for the first month or so - after that, it will
probably be less.  A box of cartridges lasts a pretty long time, depends if
you change them every site change, and how much insuliin you use - they come
25 in a box.  Be sure you know how your insurance is going to reimburse
you - ours considers pump supplies durable medical equipment, requires
pre-authorization, and wants us to get 90 days at a time.  So, I order 2
boxes of Tenders (20 to a box), and it works out fine for 90  days.  Biggest
thing you want to have on hand is a few zillion test strips - figure 10
tests a day at a minimum for the first little bit.
Nancy Morgan

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