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[IP] not overprotect child.......

I have to say, in response to the post that told us to NOT overprotect
our children--there is a distinction to be made I think.
Overprotecting is not allowing them to cross the street at 15 yrs old
Doing our job as a parent is to take care of something he could not
possibly be responsible for--how could we do otherwise?  It would be
horribly responsible.
Also, only a parent who plops that all in her/his child's lap is being
overbearing and protective.  Bringing concerns to a forum such as this
allows us to vent, be fearful, nitpick and anyhting else we do not think
we ought to expose our child to.  Then, after posting here, we can
return with fresh ideas, and fresh resolve and hope to our children--now
THAT is what this group has meant to me!
Please know that I am NOT in any way trying to diminish theis
person's(Jim was it?)  experience, and I am sorry that was the case for
him.  I had sheltering parents, too and it DOES drag you down until you
can break out of it.
Charisma :)
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