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Re: [IP] Re: cholesterol

> My *9yo* daughter is already having a cholesterol problem!!! Her
> level in December was around 279 (up from a previous blood test.
> We tried changing/watching her diet but it only went UP - very
> frustrating!)

kerri,  just as a side note...

  if your daughter's thyroid function is faltering,  (and I am going to
guess that your endo checks this at quarterly visits)...cholesterol levels
can be affected.

when my thyroid ceased to function,  my cholesterol level went way up.
(hypothyroidism)  now that I am on synthroid,  it is back to a normal level.

thyroid function can go hand in hand (as we have discussed on IP)  with

thus, you may want to check with your endo re: TSH results.

just a thought.


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