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[IP] Re: cholesterol

My *9yo* daughter is already having a cholesterol problem!!! Her
level in December was around 279 (up from a previous blood test.
We tried changing/watching her diet but it only went UP - very
frustrating!) Her endo said if it is still high in April (her
next appt), she will have to go on meds (and he said the side
effects are not pleasant, so we are all hoping she doesn't need
it.) I have her taking (cleared with the endo first) garlic
capsules, lecithin capsules, vit E (water solubilized), and
bubble gum flavored Konsyl for kids (psyllium husk fiber, sort of
like Metamucil or Citrucil). The Vit E is for general heart
health but the others are specifically for cholesterol (the
garlic is for both.) We'll see if any of this has helped in a few
Unfortunately, mine and hubby's families both have cholesterol
(and heart) problems so she got a double whammy
of that!  
Sherry said:
Now for the question...how many people here have problems with
high cholesterol and how did they get it down? I am 23 and
worried that I am having to fight this now.  

Take care, Kerri 
"The smarter a man is the more he needs God to protect him from
thinking he knows everything." George Webb (Pima) 1959
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