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[IP] Not a parent at all but still

I'm not a parent at all, but I still find I benifit from the "parent"
posts.  I learn from some.  I enjoy some of them.  Some of them I don't
agree with, and I will post what MY view of it is.  Should there be a list
for only women so we can post there to not bother the men about our boob
site questions/comments?  or the more popular PMS questions?  While cell
phones don't particularly apply to me, neither do questions that invovle
the Sof-Sets.  I might have a comment about a "typical" camp (as that I
worked at one for 4 summer, we had kids with special needs including
diabetes... my first year we had a kid with diabetes have a siezure in the
middle of the night, the mother was so GLAD he was at camp when it happend
because if he had been at home, he would not have been with anyone and it
would have gone unnoticed, but as he was in a room with 14 others boys and
a consolor, he was getting treatment literally in seconds... no the
consolor really didn't have any diabetes "training" other than what the mom
gave him).

Diabetes is a lot more than just a physical problem.  It effects our mental
health as well.  I am so glad that I have it and not my younger siblings
(not that you get to choose which family member so something).  How I deal
with diabetes can be very different than anyone elses.  But maybe by
talking with parents, I can gain insight about myself and how my parents
think, and maybe they can have some insight how their child feels about
diabetes.  Empathy is a very powerful thing.  It is a very strong medicine.
 Someone does not need to have diabetes to be empathic.  I don't need to
have a child to have empathy about their problems.

Now if people began posting about how Bic pens are better than Pilot pens,
I might get annoyed.  But I can see how feeling, stress, cell phones, PMS,
and a million other things do affect diabetes.

Just my $.02

To be who you are and become what you are capable of is the only goal worth
living.  -Alvin Ailey
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