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[IP] eye doc visit

Laura wrote:
>  We are lucky, the eye doc has recently upgraded her
>  equipment so that the pictures go straight to the computer 
> and she can view them immediately! It is nice because she 
> can use the instant feedback

and Erinn said she had to wait 7-10 daus for the results. 

I don't know if things are moving in retrograde motion or what, but I had 
flourecine tests done in the mid 80s and Dr. Jackson in Denver had almost 
INSTANT photographs.  They came back while I was still there, kinda like a 
contact sheet with all the pictures on one or two sheets.  Have things 
regressed now that you have to WAIT for results?  UGHHH - i hate waiting.  
what a drag.  glad i don't need THAT test anymore

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