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Re: [IP] Re: off topic... cell phone support

I was a teen ager (those fun high school years) when we got our first set of 
cell phones... and for ME the kid whose parents worried... it gave me so much 
freedom.. they knew they didnt have to keep me under such tight wraps since i 
could reach tehm if i ran into a problem.. (and them me) so i am totally in 
support of parents helping other parents find deals that wrok for them... its 
funny I've spent more time since deciding to pump talking about the ins and 
outs of my diabetic life with my folks lately.. and since its been "so long" 
since they took care of me (their chioce of words)  they say they forget all 
the stuff... now i'm reteaching them...  and now for my suggestions for cell 
phones.. though i don't know if the same kinds of plans exist all over the 
U.S..... we joined with Cellular one which has a paln where we can talk to 
ANYONE who has a CELLONE plan... so me, mom, dad, boyfriend etc. can call 
each other for free.. anytime.. and its not pricey at all... when you're 
mostly calling each other.. it wroks out very well... there's my two cents... 
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