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Re: [IP] watch the off-topic postings...Offended Parent

This list seems to have degenerated to a bunch of groveling parents
talking about how hard it is to deal with their childrens diabetes. 

I'd like to see a bit more talk about problems with diabetes care and
problems pertaining to it from DIABETICS. No offense, but to the
non-diabetic, you guys have no idea ;)


My husband and daughter both use an insulin pump to control their diabetes. They were diagnosed on the same day and started pumping within months of each other. Living in a small town, finding support has been difficult at best. And then I found this list. Although I do not post very often, I have found information here that has helped me almost daily, from pumpers as well as parents. As the parent of a young pumper, I figure boluses, basals and everything else that goes along with managing diabetes. And when things don't go right , I feel such a sense of sadness. And do you know why? Because if I make a mistake, my child pays the consequences. My child's present and future health depends on my ability to manage her diabetes. And I can tell you that it tears my heart out. I have made it my business to "have a clue" (pardon my paraphrasing) by learning as much about diabetes as I can so I can help my child. I do not want my child to suffer because of my lack of knowledge. It is so reassuring to know that help is just a click away. I take great offense in the comments that we as parents are not deserving of support or have the right to seek information that we need to help our children. I think your remarks are irresponsible and extremely cruel.

Allana, mother to Jessica, 7 today