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[IP] Re: watch the off-topic postings - !?!?!


Had to voice my opinion also on the cell-phone thing... Not only for the parents of the
children-on-pumps-with-diabetes, but also for the caregivers... those of us who are lucky enough to get a pump for
their kids, may have caregivers who have been brave enough to love and care for those kids when we're not there as
we have to earn a living paying for the health benefits that provide the insurance that provides the pumps for the
kids, etc, etc, etc...
The wonderful lady who takes care of my daughter Gen (age 4) while I'm earning a living has the opportunity for
instant contact with me when she feels unsure of bolus amounts... whether it be for meals, snacks or HBS amounts.
Even as parents (immersed in it) I think we all struggle with this ... can you imagine being an outside (part-time)
care provider and deal with the uncertainty/stress/responsibility that you are doing the right thing for a child in
your care?


Paula, Mom of Genevieve Age 4,(dx'd @13 months, pumping since Jan 2000)

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