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Re: [IP] eye doc visit...flourecine test

>well, i had my flourecine angio test today. piece of cake. i was not
>nauseus in the least, and it was fine. i should get the
>results in 7-10 days. i'll let you all know. cross your fingers...

Shane had his eye doc visit today and got the dye too. It never makes
him sick either. We are lucky, the eye doc has recently upgraded her
equipment so that the pictures go straight to the computer and she can
view them immediately! It is nice because she can use the instant
feedback to decide what areas to concentrate on for the next picture. He
has had a small leak that they have been watching for a couple of months
now (probably a result of starting the pump and getting better control).
Today she decided to take no more chances with it and lasered it right
then. Other than the one small leak things are looking good with the
eyes. Also had the endo visit today with the yearly battery of blood
tests. Everything came back in normal range. He says the Acupril is
doing a good job with the kidney thing and they are very happy with
Shane's progress on the pump! (I think the CDE has been bragging to him
about all the great info we got from this list and how "knowledgeable"
we are). Plus we got a chance to ask him about all the things we have
been hearing about from the list, like vitamin E and low doses of
aspirin. He even listened to what we had to say and looked at the info
we got from the ADA web site! Guess that is our good news for the day.
ps. Today was the first charges that will go on the new insurance plan,
so we will see how that goes...
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