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Re: [IP] watch the off-topic postings...

In a message dated 3/7/00 6:57:50 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Jef,
 I so agree with you.  My delete button is getting worn down.  :) Thank
 you for voicing your opinion.
 > This list seems to have degenerated to a bunch of groveling parents
 > talking about how hard it is to deal with their childrens diabetes.
 > I'd like to see a bit more talk about problems with diabetes care and
 > problems pertaining to it from DIABETICS. No offense, but to the
 > non-diabetic, you guys have no idea ;)
 ---------------------------------------------------------- >>
Take a look at how many postings were related to this "cell phone issue".   I 
personally delete a great many of the postings daily if they seem to get too 
off-track.  Do parents of diabetic children have their own site---or is this 
the only available one?  I have often seen off the track questions and the 
person generating them will suggest emailing them privately.  That seems to 
be the appropriate way to handle these issues, IF YOU FEEL YOU MUST POST THEM 
Dianne     IDDM x 9 yrs   Pumping x 8 yrs
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