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[IP] How many supplies for new pumpers

Well, Dawn and Charisma....

First of all a VERY LARGE CONGRATULATIONS to you both!!  I'm really excited 
for both of you because I know what a difference pumping can make.

Now, as to the question of how many supplies.  Would you like the "good girl" 
answer or the truth????

The "good girl" answer is:  I order just enough for 90 days like my insurance 
plan allows me to.  I reorder when I start my last box of sets.  This is the 
answer I'm sticking to if you ask my insurance company or my doctor.

The truth is:  My CDE/doctor agree that I should change my site every other 
day.  From my four years of experience pumping I've settled on 4 days and it 
works quite nicely ***for me*** YMMV.  The doc writes the script for enough 
to change every two days, so that's what I order.  Since I use them longer, I 
end up with an abundance of supplies after a while.  These supplies have been 
used to take me thru times when I've had to go uninsured, cover the time the 
med supply place "lost"my order for a month, and have enabled me to give a 
box to fellow pumpers in need on occasion.  Since the supplies are a special 
order item from wherever you are, it makes me more comfortable to have a few 
extra boxes around.

But for you guys, you might want to get a variety of set types to start with 
before you make any major orders, to see which you like best.  Your pump 
company will usually help you out with samples. Then I wouldn't let it get 
down to the last box of anything before reordering.

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