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[IP] Re: Gastropareisis and prescription drug's

Since I have used both Reglan (with the side effect of depression) and
Propulsid (zero benefit) for Gatropareisis ... I've had better success
with diet than prescription med's.

Another list member shared with me that certain foods were recommended
to her by her nutritionist for gastropareisis.  Foods such a red, green,
& yellow bell peppers and fresh pineapple.

I found the above foods to be very helpful; however EATING them on a
daily basis did get to be...well...unappetizing pretty fast.

HOWEVER....I now find that soymilk has the same benefit and drink an 8
ounce serving daily. The brand I have tried is VitaSoy and it comes in
several flavors...the carob has just 22 grams of carbohydrate BUT also
the alledged benefit of 31mg of soy isoflavens per serving.

For me at least...the soymilk has been the best remedy for the
complication of gastropareisis!

Becky LaSpina
IDDM since 1957 - MM507c since 12/29/98

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