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[IP] RE: Charisma's ? about soy milk...

Hi all -

I do drink a lot of soy milk.  There's a variety of reasons.

Reasons to drink it:  Soy milk contains isoflavones, which in research
studies has significantly lowered rates of heart disease and cancer.  (And
since we have a four times higher chance of having heart problems, I figure
this added little thing can only help me improve my chances).  Soy milk is
lactose-free; many people use soy milk instead of regular milk who are
dealing with lactose intolerance.  It's either low in fat or fat free and is
cholesterol free.  People with reduced kidney function--such as those with
diabetes who have nephropathy--can benefit by replacing animal protein with
soy (this was taken from fridge facts:  The Benefits of Soy, on

Things I've discovered:  Soy milk comes in lots of flavors, I have tried
Vanilla and Chocolate and Plain.  The Vanilla is yummy on cereal!!!  The
thing to watch out for:  Soy milk isn't like most other cow milk where one
cup of milk will have virtually the same carbo count across the board.  For
instance, the Vanilla type I bought has a one cup serving, with 110 CAL and
14g carbo (13 of that being sugars).  A chocolate kind I have says one cup
serving, with 108 CAL, 17g carbo and 15 of those grams from sugars.  So if
you are an exact gram counter you'll want to pay attention to the labels.
It's also sorta spendy, a 1/2 gallon brand I bought this weekend cost three
bucks (I can buy a gallon of cows milk for less than that) but soy milk is
starting to gain popularity.  If anyone has personal questions regarding
other things I think of it, just mail me.

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