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[IP] waking with nighttime lows

Susan wrote: 
>  What makes some people wake up with night time lows and others not? 

same thing that makes some vote democrat and others vote republican...tee 

Everyone is different...no person's body reacts the same as anyone 
elses....Everyone who posts advice and suggestions on the list are going by 
what happens in THEIR body, or THEIR child's body, and anything THEY, or 
**I** say, can only be taken with a grain of salt as to how it applies to YOU 
or YOUR child.  There is no generic diabetic; put 10 in a room and probably 
none of them will have any matching stats.  

Of course,there ARE "averages," and "expected norms" but who in the right 
mind (or left mind) wants to be "average?"

And anyway, for some people, what may work perfectly for 2-3 months will one 
day, go absolutely haywire for no apparent reason, and they have to re-figure 
everything from ground zero....everything will be fine for a few weeks, then 
BAM - another change....that is part of diabetes - no - that is part of 
life...heck wouldn't this disease be a colassol BORE if it was predictable?? 

Vive la difference

Susan wrote:
> allie was 94(at about 5:30)....had bb practice.  Probably sipped 
> on a little too much gatorade, but did wear pump the whole time...
> got home and ready to eat 8:15pm.....461, so she bolused 7, 
> 4 for the supper (spagetti and toast) and 3 for the high...
> at 10:15...she was low 41.  

well in my opinion, I would say this crash was probably due to the lasting 
effects of exercise on our blood sugar.  many people report a similar post 
exercise high, but our bodies continue to burn at a more efficient level for 
several hours post exercise.   This is tough to figure out EXACTLY, so it is 
mostly trial and error til you start to see a pattern....I know you said 3 
was only a partial correction for the high, but perhaps even that was too 
much.   Personally, I might have given a conservative correction bolus *only* 
at 461, aiming for say, 200, rather than 100, just to be on the safe saide.  
I would have tried to wait til I was below 250 to eat.  If you are using H 
this can be pretty quick, so she could have washed her hands, done 10 minutes 
of homework and played a game of freecell while waiting for the bg to drop.  
Depending on where she/I was 1/2 hour later, then I'd modify the dinner 
bolus. If I was dropping I might give only a partial dinner bolus...if I 
hadn't dropped too much, I owuld have given the whole meal bolus, but NO MORE 
correction until at least 2-3 hours later

> she never remembered anything prior to drinking the juice

lots of people report not really remembering what happened duirng the 
low...how the hell do I always end up with SOCKS!!?!?!?!?!?  LOL

> 2 hours later was 104 and this morning was 113.  

good job!! - sounds like the juice and cheese was perfect...I'd say the 
problem was directly related to the lasting effects of exercise...It kicked 
in at the same time as your correction/dinner bolus and combined to throw her 
down the stairs, so to speak...next time you have a high after exercise, 
bolus VERY conservatively and see what happens?

just a suggestion

> is there anything I can do (short or sleeping wth her) to 
> make sure she continues to wake.

ewww - what is she gets married?  tee hee  Maybe raise her target range.  
People report losing the sensation of lows when they continually aim for 
80-120...especially for a child for whom it is especially dangerous to go 
low, I would certainly not want her to be under 100.  My target range is 
100-150 due to my retinopathy, and I will wake up in the 70s...sure that 
doesnt sound too low, but it is not a far drop from 
72 to 52, and I want the time to catch it!!!

Sara's 14 cents worth
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