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Re: [IP] Re: Good A1c is not always good control!

Here is my idea on the A1c.  I've had one every three months since going on 
the pump 12 years ago.  I have always used a meter that would average my 
tests and also software to get all the pie charts etc.  I have found quite 
often that whatever my bg's are about 3 to 4 days before is exactly what the 
A1c reveals.  Now I know that most of you out there are saying she is crazy, 
but I feel quite strong about this.  If I had been having a lot of blood 
sugars that were low and even dangerous then no matter what the rest of the 
three months were like I would get a low number on the A1c and just the 
opposite if I had a bunch of highs prior to the test it would turn out a 
higher number than my averages on my meter.  Yes, I am taking into account 
that my meter may be at fault.  For years the same lab was used and this 
trend always fascinated me.  Recently my endo changed labs and now I'm having 
lower numbers on the A1c than my average is on my meters.  So go figure.  
Once again it is only a ball park figure on which to base your average 

Nancy 35 years D pumping 12 years

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