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[IP] nighttime lows

Well, here's my little bit of information, and I don't know if anyone else
has experienced this or not.  When I'm low while sleeping, I dream about it.
For instance, at four this morning I had an awful dream that a good friend
of mine was sick.  I invited her into my house, told her to sit, and that I
was going to get something for her to eat, 'cuz she looked emaciated!  All I
had was cereal, milk, and a fork to eat it with, so I gave it to her - but
she wasn't getting everything she could from it since the fork wouldn't hold
any milk, and she just kept looking worse and worse.  'You need to eat,' I
said, 'You look awful and I'm sure you feel bad too.'  At this point I woke
up, KNEW I was low, tested, and lo and behold, I was a 47!  I got up and
ate, of course,  a small bowl of cereal and soy milk.  But this is how I
usually end up waking out of  a low.....an ill-looking friend or family
member asks to come in, I let them in and offer them food, which they either
can't eat (due to a fork instead of  a spoon, etc.) or won't eat (refuse the
food and say they are fine).  I always say 'You look awful and I'm sure you
feel bad too,' and that's when I wake up.  I have slept through lows three
times - one ended in the ER and other two ended up with my poor hubby scared
to death.  I think I'm lucky that I can usually wake out of them - my theory
is that I didn't wake out of the other three myself because I was either too
tired or too low.

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