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[IP] congrats to Charisma and Paddy...and a question

Charisma and Paddy -

I am dancing up and down for you both right now!!!  I know how excited you
guys are feeling right now, and just wanted to give you a big
CONGRATULATIONS!!!  Just don't back down, make sure to keep tabs on
insurance, etc.   I hope the rest of the process goes easier for you guys!

As for my progress, I talked to Dis today, they are sending my pumps and
they'llbe here on Thursday.  I am also being sent extra batteries, two boxes
of 31" Tenders, skin prep wipes, cartridges, and a carry case.  Um, I am
wondering, though, how far these supplies will get me.  Should I try and
order more supplies ASAP, or what do most of you guys do?  How many medical
supply-related pump things do you keep on hand?   Curiousity killed the

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