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Re: [IP] cell phones

Ruth -

Just make sure to read the fine print!!!!

Hubby and I contracted out with a cell service company in Montana, where I
got an AWESOME rate because I was working for the state gov't.
 HOWEVER -  - -  six months later, in August, hubby and I got news that we
would be moving in two weeks to WA state.  I asked the cell service if I
could either A) take it with and go with their service in the new state, or
B) just get out of the contract.  He said A) can't change over because they
don't offer service in the new state, and that B) I couldn't get out of the
contract; when I signed it I didn't read the part about getting out of ones
contract early.  Anyway, they wanted a $200.00 disconnection / early
contract leave fee for it!!!!  I took the d%$# thing with us, haven't used
it, but am still paying monthly fees for it.  Cheaper this way rather than
paying the $200.00!  We sent it back about a week ago.  They didn't seem to
understand that we had NO CHOICE in moving out of the service area, why
should we pay money for a service we can't use in our new abode, and not be
able to use that money towards service we can use?  Make sure to find out
everything you can before you accept a service.  Good luck!!!
Ruth said:
> we are moving to ohio this summer.  from what I understand,  when you buy
> cell phone/service,  you have to contract for a year.  should my husband
> when he goes back to ohio this friday,  sign up THERE for service?  or
> should we just rent a cell phone here in CA for the week that geneva is in
> outdoor ed?  we will also be needing this phone during her summer camp
> in july.

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